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Solar Panel Monitoring System


Welcome to the Solar Panel Monitoring System web site


The Solar Panel Monitoring System (SPMS) provides an easy solution for users of Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to monitor the performance of their PV installation.


·        Do you know how much electricity you are generating over time?

·        Do you know how much income you are receiving from the Feed-In-Tariff each month?

·        Do you know how much you are saving in your energy bills at current prices since  your P.V. installation?

·        Do you know if your panels’ performance is deteriorating as time goes on?

·        Would you like to track your savings in CO2 emissions?


The Solar Panel Monitoring System (SPMS) can help you achieve all of these.


SPMS is a Microsoft Excel® based application that can be used on a personal computer.


P.C. requirements: Microsoft Excel® 2010 or later.


Please note the system has not been tested on a Mac® computer


Straightforward data input screen with varied functionality – click here to see example





Examples of the graphical representations provided by SPMS















How to use the excess electricity you generate


If your PV system is generating excess electricity during the day then how can you make the most of it?


If you have an immersion heater you can top up the water temperature during the day without drawing power from the grid.


What happens if the immersion heater requires 3kW and I don’t generate that much power?


How can I get the immersion heater to switch on automatically when the sun shines and I have excess solar power and then off again?


The graph opposite shows that during the year you can heat your water for more than 50% of time via your solar panels, dramatically reducing your fuel bills.


See the useful links & hints section to overcome these issues.







Solar Panel Transfer System


For PV Solar Panel owners who wish to calculate the approximate worth or selling price of their PV installation.

This can assist people who are selling their homes where solar panels are already installed.


The system is ideally suited for Estate Agents.

See details at:

Solar Panel Transfer System


For all enquiries and further details please e-mail to enquiries@solar-panel-monitor.co.uk



Last updated: 26th May 2014





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